Our experience is varied. On average,
 we have 24 years in the production business.


We're involved with TV shows, staging,

on-location EFP, ENG, sports,
pay-per-view, corporate and
industrial programming. ChicagoVideoProduction.com was developed
to help new or seasoned producers...

 "cut through the red tape in Chicago"

We have the connections with staging companies, equipment rental firms, union contractors, production companies, editing houses, production personnel and unions
to get you the best deal.

Why should we do this for free?? Because the Chicago production community wants to make sure that you come back!! We are filling a void
that we believe exists in reliable information
that gets transmitted to YOU...the client !


Our referrals also serve:
 Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota,
as well as downstate Illinois.


the Midwest's leader in
TV crew referral's and rental companies!


No Fees...Never!



We are not a crewing company.
We are not a staging, production, equipment rental company or a contractor.



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